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Interest-based Learning

Everyone learns best when they are interested in the subject. By offering thousands of choices for high-quality classes, there is a class for every interest. Learners can explore new passions, expand their knowledge, encounter new perspectives, and build new skills by enrolling with peers who share similar interests.

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By connecting learners with engaging educators, online learning can be active, interactive, and fun! Our classes take place over video chat, are led by our community of educators, and allow learners to interact over text, audio, and video-however they're most comfortable. 

Urban Educators get to focus on what they do best: teaching classes about topics they love. We handle enrollment, record keeping, and many other tasks that traditionally take up an educator's time, we get to focus all our energy on delivering empowering life lessons to our learners.

Enriching Social Interactions

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We are a team of professional educators, mentors, coaches, and leaders with an expertise to empower our children, culture, and community.

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