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Interest-based Learning

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Enriching Social Interactions

Everyone learns best when they are interested in the subject. By offering thousands of choices for high-quality classes, there is a class for every interest. Learners can explore new passions, expand their knowledge, encounter new perspectives, and build new skills by enrolling with peers who share similar interests.

Urban Educators get to focus on what they do best: teaching classes about topics they love. We handle enrollment, record keeping, and many other tasks that traditionally take up an educator's time, we get to focus all our energy on delivering empowering life lessons to our learners.

By connecting learners with engaging educators, online learning can be active, interactive, and fun! Our classes take place over video chat, are led by our community of educators, and allow learners to interact over text, audio, and video-however they're most comfortable. 

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We are a team of professional educators, mentors, coaches, and leaders with an expertise to empower our children, culture, and community.

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Secret Forces, Cosmic Beings, Shadow Realm, Sound , Time & Light Codes :19keys ft Doctah B Sirius

Secret Forces, Cosmic Beings, Shadow Realm, Sound , Time & Light Codes :19keys ft Doctah B Sirius

19 Keys presents High Level Conversations to bring you into the high frequency of speech and communication to elevate your mindset and value. S4E9 Ft Doctah B Sirius Featured Guest Bio: Doctah B Sirius, PhD, is an esteemed mind, body, and spirit medicine man, certified metaphysics doctor, and master herbalist, renowned for his expertise in natural healing and vibrational music. He hails from a lineage of healers with roots in ancient America, Africa, and India, and is celebrated for his unique approach that combines vibrational energy with natural remedies for holistic well-being. His notable Total Body Paracleanse Program is recognized for its comprehensive detoxification and rejuvenation. As a pioneer in subconscious mind alignment, Doctah B facilitates mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, aiding in transformative personal growth. Additionally, his 40+ years in music have led to the creation of Medicine Music™, using vibrational sounds for healing and consciousness elevation. His work, globally recognized and endorsed by leading figures, focuses on empowerment, well-being, and sustainable, holistic living. This Episode: This episode goes high level into the conversation of our understanding of cycles of growth and decline, uplifting others, accepting what we cannot control, & maintaining power over our reactions and intentions. Featured Guest Contact: Website: Instagram: 19KEYS: He is a believer in the unlimited human potential, and he aims to help more and more people realize their full potential. His mantra is “slaveship to ownership.” Growing up in Oakland, California as a Muslim of African-American origins, he had to face a lot of difficulties. Many people around him lost their lives due to poverty which motivated him to work harder and secure a better future. 19Keys is a global thought leader and one of the pioneers in the space of Web 3, business, mindset, holistic wealth, tech , metaphysics and financial literacy; having millions of followers across the globe. 19Keys is known for his relentless efforts in matters of wealth creation, especially for the youth. One of his initiatives has funded over 5 million student investment accounts. 19Keys is also the co-founder of initiatives such as The Block World Order (BWO), Goldewater, and Crownz Society. When people think of 19Keys, they think of a self-taught 21st-century polymath who believes work is the cure to all of our problems. Follow his links below to learn more: BWO (THE BLOCK WORLD ORDER) LinkTree Crownz 19 Link GoldeWater Link Book link **************Special EYL Viewer Promotion********** Text “HLC“ to 2012283670 Tap in on all platforms: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Send in a voice message: 00:00 Intro 01:00 Music as Healing & Cleansing 03:33 A Beacon to Increase Others' Light 05:55 Music Industry Programming 08:22 Organization & Order 10:10 Mindset Perception 13:13 Helping Others Reach Their Potential 16:22 Power of Gravitational Darkness 19:33 Inspiring Others 21:22 Pain of Growth & Transformation 28:33 Becoming Masters Through Testing Self 32:32 Flexibility for Change & Uncertainty 36:00 Transmission of Wisdom 40:11 Mind Tricks: Controlling Perception 44:22 Tapping Into Intuitive Knowledge 48:44 Overcoming Programming About Hardship 56:55 Expanding Identity Beyond Limits 01:00:22 Healing Sound Frequencies 01:04:33 Uplifting Communities Through Art 01:08:33 Rhythm for Healing & Realignment 01:12:55 Energy: Always Seeking Balance 01:16:55 Redirecting Blame Into Empowerment 01:20:22 Tapping Into Full Mind Power 01:27:27 Captaining One's Own Vessel 01:33:33 Daily Input for Reprogramming 01:36:33 Persistence Key to Results 01:42:33 Perceiving vs Achieving Goals 01:46:11 Valuing Dreams Over Material Results 01:50:15 Fostering Actualized Intelligence 01:53:44 Seam Between Dualities 02:00:11 Sentience of All Things 02:04:55 Cross-Dimensional Wisdom 02:07:22 Rhythmic Realignment 02:10:11 Time as Perspective 02:15:44 Victimhood Relinquishing Power 02:16:55 Linguistic Shaping of Realities 02:24:44 Uplifting Through Talents 02:30:30 Hand Modes Stabilizing Frequencies 02:35:44 Cleanse the Central Column 02:41:33 Quiet Survival Programming 02:47:44 Turn Dreams Into Systems 02:55:11 Buying Alone Time 03:01:11 Mycelium: An Omnipresent Deity 03:06:44 Power of Language 03:08:22 Healing Through Tones 03:09:55 Creating the New Frequency 03:10:33 Instruments as Living Beings
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Weekly Schedule


How to Buy Bitcoin

What is Cryptocurrency

How do I start?

Carrie Hicks-Myers

45 min


Build Your Brand

Be Your Own Boss

Carrie Hicks-Myers

45 min


How to Sell Online

Earn Multiple Streams of Income Online 

Carrie Hicks - Myers

45 min


Financial Freedom

Real Estate Investments

J.D. Auguste

45 min


Intro to Buy, Sell & Trade Stock 

Stock Options & Bitcoin

Andre Robert Myers

45 min

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Urban Educators is an inspired team of professional educators from around the world building the future of education to empower our children, culture, and community. We offer live classes in small groups, private tutoring, business consultations, mentoring, and personal coaching.

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